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10 betting tips

10 betting tips you won't hear on the grapevine

When it comes to betting, whether it's when placing money on the dog racing or playing online bingo with Ladbrokes, everyone has their own little tips. But the truth is, sometimes there can be that many of them, that it can be mind boggling knowing which ones to go with. With that in mind, here are our top 10 best tips, hints and tricks, picked up from some of the best gaming sites around.

1. Learn the ropes!

It's no use signing up for an online games site, placing all your money on 'red' and hoping for the best. Take things steady and read up on the best games to play before you blow all your cash. While roulette may be a relatively simple game, there are plenty of online games out there that require a bit more thought. Take your time to learn the various rules before you get going and you'll find that you play a lot better, as well as enjoy the game more.

2. Up the stakes

With games Ladbrokes bingo, it's more often than not a case of luck. It goes without saying, however, that you've got more chance if you play more cards. Remember when you were a kid playing 10p-per-game bingo down the amusements? You never won a bean, right? Up the stakes and play a few cards in each game and you may just triple your chances!

3. Ensure your money goes further

Keep an eye on when's best to try your luck on gaming sites. For instance, many top gaming websites will display a schedule featuring that particular week's promotions. Keep an eye on this and enjoy more games for your money. Plus, don't forget to take advantage of great sign up incentives, where the money you deposit online may be doubled!

4. Set yourself a budget and make sure you stick to it

While gambling can be fun, it can also be very dangerous. Know your limits and bet responsibly. It's great to win a little bit of money, but have in mind a figure you're prepared to lose and don't be too disappointed if you're not so lucky; just in case.

5. Remember that you win some, you lose some

You may have one extremely lucky night, only to lose some money the next. Be prepared to lose a little bit of money from time to time. Play online games responsibly, either on your own or with a group of friends, and you'll gain more enjoyment from them.

6. Choose the right game for you

It's no good selecting a game you have absolutely no experience playing. Start small by betting small and building up your confidence by trying a game you've played before. Online bingo is a good place to start as it's a game that's easy to play, with simple rules.

7. Don't let greed ruin your game

It's great when you're winning, but a real gaming pro will stop when they're plus money. Try not to gamble the money you've won away. Instead, bet smaller to make your money last longer. At least that way you'll have enjoyed a full evening's entertainment for the same price as a few pints at the pub.

8. Engage with fellow gamers and get a second opinion

Many gaming sites now include forums, where gamers can chat to likeminded people while enjoying a game. Make sure you take advantage of features like this and ask experienced gamers if you're unsure about anything.

9. Make a night of it

Invite some friends round, that way, if you do happen to lose a bit of cash you'll still have had a memorable evening with some good pals.

10. Enjoy the game but play responsibly

Betting's only fun if you're not getting into debt, so know your limits and stick to them.

Be a smart bettor, keep updated on everything betting and the latest casino industry news!

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